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Possible to hook up video game console to graphics card?

I have a Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 650 Ti OC....i was wondering if it was possible to hook my ps3 or xbox 360 to the HDMI port and have it show up on my computer monitor....or hook either to the motherboards HDMI port and do that. I know probaby stupid question since its output only i think....I THINK....thats why I'm asking. Thanks :)
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  1. No, you can not hook gaming consoles up to your computer's graphics.
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    Most video connectors on the graphics card or motherboard are for output only. To take input from a game console, you need a video capture device. There used to be some "All-in-Wonder" cards that handled both video input and 3d acceleration, but I haven't seen those for a while.

    Alternatively, if your monitor has a spare hdmi connector, you can hook it up that way.
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  4. aw fail :( thanks tho guys
  5. Glad to help.
  6. Of course u can hook it to the hdmi input on your monitor...
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