USB Keyboard and Mouse not working AFTER boot

So heres what happened. I was jailbreaking my ipod, and something went wrong. While I was doing the whole DFU thing a little pop-up notification showed up about installing new USB device. The Ipod rebooted and the computer froze.

After I hit the reset button, everything starts loading and it get to the Win7 log in screen...... but the keyboard and mouse do not work.

They work in BIOS. They are getting power, but if i unplug them and plug them back in while at the log in screen they dont get power any more. ( they light up, so when i replug them in... no pretty lights).

So I tryed safe mode..... Can use keyboard to select boot options, but once win7 loads.... no go.

Win7 CD ..... Keyboard and mouse work!!!! But it tells me that my CD is not compatable with this version.

Try Linux Distro ... Everything works fine. I even tried replacing come files i thought might be the corrupted drivers ( copyed them from laptops windows, same version)... Still wont see keyboard/mouse after Boot
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  1. pop your windows cd in and do a system repair by restoring from an earlier restore point
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