going to have MSI gtx 660 ti OC later this year and was thinking is my 500w psu enough?

full system specs ; when i get all parts.

FX-6100 oc @ 4.5ghz
2x2gb 1600 ddr3 corsair xmps ( or something like that dont remember )
ASUS M5A97 R2.0
Scythe ninja 3 cooler
2x 7200 rpm HDD
1x cd-rom
1x mini-ssd reader
3x 120mm case fans

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  1. You need new branded psu. I suggest get corsair cx 600w
  2. Yes, a good one will do, but not that one, i never heard from that brand, it's a no name brand, get a decent psu from brands like corsair, seasonic, xfx, fsp, pc power and cooling, super flower, antec, ocz, within the range of 500-600W.
  3. Your fine with a 500 watts, I have my i5 3570k at 4.5 ghz and my 660ti at 1300mhz with a 500 watt power supply
  4. Yes, with a decent psu with 500W, but the op psu is from a nameless brand.
    @op, get the specs of the psu, if possible.
  5. im running HD5850 and fx-6100 at stock clocks atm and its working perfectly.

    just a question about my hd5850,gpu idles @ 42c ( applied new paste some time ago )

    and now i ran furmark to see the "max" temperature and it starts rising quite fast to 80c then it just "hits a wall" and doesnt go any higher.

    i guess its a good thing?
  6. oh and this card is OC'd from 725/100 --> 800/1200
  7. Well if you're running a 5850 on that psu, a 660 ti will do, both have about the same power consumption.
    But that psu model and brand is unknown.
  8. i think the brand is modecom or something like that
  9. Never head from it, it seems it's a really cheap psu, but if you can stress out a 5850 without crashes or freezes, it will do for the 660 ti.
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