What card for dual monitor 1@2560x1440, 1@1920x1080

I've just ordered a new dell 2713hm display that runs at 2560x1440, and i'll be using my current display with a resolution of 1920x1080 as a second monitor (for web/chat/youtube etc) while gaming on the main monitor.

I was looking at an upgrade to a gtx 680 and was wondering if i need to look at the 4GB cards or if a 2GB will be enough? I don't intend to run SLI or tri-monitor, and i'm looking at cards with heavy cooling (i live in a hot climate) like the asus directCU etc

Rest of my PC:
i5 3570k
2x8gig dual channel 1600mhz ram
GA-Z77X-D3H mobo
Currently running a 6970

Games are far cry 3, borderlands 2, torchlight 2.

Will a 2GB card be enough to run these on high settings?
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  1. I'd go with 4GB for sure. In a year or two you will regret it otherwise. You may consider a top quality 670, about 5% less FPS at $100 dollars savings.
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    2GB will be a stretch at 1440p, but like baber said, there's no reason to get a 680. It's only 5% faster than a 670, but it costs 25-30% more.

    However, having more VRAM would be a good thing - consider upgrading to a 7970, as it'll come with 3GB, which is more than enough.?
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