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I have a ASRock 939Dual-SATA2, with a HIS 4650 AGP.

i am about to upgrade my other computer from a PCIe ATI 4830 to a PCIe AMD 7750 or AMD 7850.

I would like to take the 4830 PCIe and add it to my system with the 4650 AGP.

Can i do it?

would having both improve performance?

Would having both be able to crossfire (over the bus, seeing that the agp model doesn't have the CF bar.)?

ps. the mobo supports a feature where it can have an agp and PCIe card and each have 2 monitors. in the CD manual given uses mixed matched cards and allows them to display one desktop.

1. Gigabyte R9200 + Gigabyte-R-X600Pro
2. Winfast A340TDH + ASUA-EN5750

Links to Mobo and My GPU

Any Help would be appreciated
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  1. No you cannot do that and that would tale of problems.get new gen gpu like hd 7750.
  2. this is for may old computer. i would buy the new AMD GPU and put it in my newer computer, then take the current AMD 4830 and place it in my old computer.

    I have no plans of buying a HD7750 for my older computer. :(
  3. what makes you say it would not work and that it "would tale of problems"?

    based upon the fact the GPUs are not compatible with each other or the AGP to PCIe Crossfire?
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    it took some looking but i actually found the info here on toms,,1120.html
  5. Quote:
    Furthermore, an AGP graphics card can continue to be used even after the purchase of a PCIe model. Although no 3D performance increase is possible, it is certainly true that more displays can be operated simultaneously.


    This computer is used for light gaming, so i might just sell which ever i can get the most for.
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