Windows 8 allowed me to my moniter resolution on 1080p

windows 8 allowed me to my moniter resolution on 1080p
i am happy but lil perfomance loss due to no graphic card?

my moniter is ViewSonic e70FSB
wtf is going on?
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  1. How that is possible?
  2. What graphics adapter are you using?
  3. q35 chipset
  4. If you're using integrated graphics, then you'll have to check your exact adapter and driver version (probably something like a GMA 4500 or whatever with some old Intel driver) to be sure of what graphics adapter you have.

    Also, since it is a CRT display, this shouldn't be too surprising. Unlike LCDs, Plasmas, and other flat screen displays, CRTs do not have native resolutions. Whatever the driver lets you run will usually run on a CRT so long as it can handle it. For example, I have two old CRT displays designed for 1024x768, yet they handle 1600x1200 without any issues, granted refresh rate isn't perfect when forced to use resolutions that are too high.
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