Radeon hd 7670m drivers

I think i need to update my drives, becasue when i try to play a game "blink" all the time!
i am using a notebook graphics radeon
HD 7670M windows 8- 64bit with a intel core i5-3210M 2.5GHz,
and i tryed to update the drivers in "amd.com"
but "AMD Mobility Radeon Driver Verfication tool" say my computer is not compatible.
so i cant update drivers or see witch ones are missing.
Someone can help me? :)
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  1. I have the same problem with dell 5520
  2. yep..i have a notebook HP Pavilion g6, in my country if you have a computer problem that requires to return to factory, HP is the only brand it returns in 5 days, the other brand have to wait like 5 months :(

    Bishopi5, first of all thank you to understand my english :) and reply it..and thank you for your tip..and it works :) YAY

    Also hope it works to supersonic977 ;)
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