AMD 7970 or GTX 670

Hey guys, i've been collecting enough money and wanting to upgrade my GPU to either an AMD Exdisplay MSI OC 7970 or EVGA FTW SIgnature 2 GTX 670, both priced reasonably at the same amount (unless i chose saphire vapour x ghz edition) of which includes free copy of Assassin's creed 3(GTX), Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite (AMD).

My current setup is

i5 3570K Overclocked to 4.2 Ghz
Asus P8z77-V
Radeon HD 6970 ( although used when first bought and has become quite dodgy due to overheating issues when playing at stock speed).

I play quite a lot of games at the moment, of which includes, SHogun 2, Planetside 2, SKyrim (with mods), Deus Ex (HR), Path of Exile, TERA,
The witcher 2, Civ 5, Anno 2070, Starcraft 2, Mass effect and Battlefield 3 and quite a lot of rpgs and rts

HUZZAH for steam sales :D

So since i play quite a lot of games i need a good graphics card that wont overheat too much, give smooth framerates while playing on reaalllly high settings (since my current GPU is quite dodgy).

In terms of overclocking i might do so when i need to play really intensive games like Crysis 2 or future games (Crysis 3 for example).

Im not really looking to buy an 8000 series since it will probebly have overpriced sales when release and im just hoping that either graphics card will last me at least 2 generations.
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  1. With latest drivers hd 7970 beats gtx 670.hd 7970 can easily overclock and beats even gtx 680
  2. Definitely the gtx 7970. The evga versions are a gimmick and totally not worth the money. Its just the reference heatsink overclocked. The 7970 That you are going for seems like it has a non reference design
  3.,news-42577.html - Nvidia 700 series soon launching.,news-42599.html - AMD 8000 series delayed until Q4

    My advice is to stick around for a bit. Nvidia doesn't usually drop down on prices by that much, so it might be worth to just wait a month and see what happens. I wish I'd have done so but I already bought my GTX 670.
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