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Hi, I have a very newbie question with not much info unfortunatly. I have recently bought a dell motherboard which I can't see an easy way to identify it. It has only two slots, one is a standard PCI and the other is a slightly bigger PCI. I have an M-Audio soundcard which I want to use in the small PCI slot which leaves the bigger one for the graphics card but because I cannot identify it properly I'm not sure what card to get....I know this doesn't help much but if you can let me know a fool proof way of Iding the MB maybee finding out which kind of PCI slot I have available might be easier.
Many thanks for any replys, Jon Davey.
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  1. Get 'speccy' software and tell us
  2. ...but the board isn't up and working. I can't run anything on it because I have no graphics card at all, I'm not lookinh to replace the card, if I was this would be easy.
    Is that what you meant, run some software on the board ? I just wish I could find an FCC number or something but is seems to have nothing like this....I'm onto a looser I feel with this board. I'm thinking about taking it to my local computer shop so they can have a look, maybee I should try to upload a pic here ? is that possible ?...
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