HELP: Upgrade graphics card or Cross Fire?

Hello friends,

I am in the midsts of deciding whether to upgrade my current graphics card or grab myself another and do a crossfire setup. Typically I'd say just do a cross fire set up but I don't want my GPU's getting too hot.

My current set up is:
- intel i7 SandyBridge 2600k @ 3.4Ghz Quad-Core. (Stock heat sink, not OCed)
- 8G RAM. (Same ram that came with my PC, nothing special)
- AMD Raedon HD 6850.(Runs most games at max or close to max staying around 65 celcius)
- 700 Watt PSU CrossFire ready
- Z68 MB
- 1TB HDD with Windows 7
- 500 GB HDD with Windows 8
- 80 GB HDD with Ubuntu LTS 12.04
- Thermaltake Commander Case (

Cooling setup:
- Fan on the side pannel, outtake.
- Fan in the back, outtake.
- Fan in the front bottom, intake.

So should I upgrade to a new graphics card? If so, which would you recommend.
Or should I go ahead and do a CrossFire set up? Which card should I pair with my HD 6850?

Any tips on how to improve anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much. :)
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  1. The best performance would be to go with a single 680 or a single 7970/7950. The cheapest would be to crossfire the 6850.
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