Changing gpu thermal compound

hi i was wondering if it would be worth changing the thermal compound on my gtx 550tis to artic mx-4 compound many thanks
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  1. I would say no unless it's already out of warranty and you are having heat issues. Do you want to OC it more or what? It's a very low end GPU in my opinion.
  2. how do you oc a graphics card and i know there old now but they still let me play skyrim at high level so its all good atm but ocing them would that help
  3. It should by a bit. I like using MSI afterburner.

    Then another stress test program.

    I normally increase it by larger amounts at first (but this is AMD cards) then start going by smaller increments until I find the limit. After I find the limit I normally back it down (depending on the OC if it's only slight, which I think you'll be in) maybe 10-20). It seems for some searches that you won't get past 1000 mhz so I'd just aim for 980-990.

    Memory largely depends on the type used (each manufacturer chooses) but if it's about 4100 stock (might show up as 820 because GDDR5 is a base value of 820 x 5 = 4100) I'd try for 4500 (or 900).
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