Is it possible to have 8 gpu's ?

hi there,

i was just wondering whether it is possible to have 8 gpu's ? i.e having 4 double gpu graphics card (if that makes sense) i know obviously there would be now practical use for this but i was just wondering whether it was possible ?

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  1. its technically possible. my mobo has 8 full size pci-e slots but there is no driver support. and making such drivers work well would take years. so i dont see it happening. but it would look nice and keep your room warm.....well hot.
  2. I think the answer you're looking for is no, at least for now. The current hardware is incompatible for above Quad-CF and -SLI configurations and there is no driver support for it either as of yet.
  3. You might get 6 if you used 4 in quad and the other as a dedicated physics...
    Not sure though I am not one of those people burdened by unlimited cash!!!!
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