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LED vs LCD vs Plasma

So I am planning to get a TV for myself, and only use it for PS3 and PC only. I was wondering if LED vs LCD vs Plasma are any different visually. The TV I am getting will be at 1080p. Could be 40-50" depend on price. I would be using the TV mainly for PS3 games, and watch anime streaming from my PC. Sometimes i'll be playing games on the TV from my PC, but will not be that often.

Thank you for the feedback in advance! :bounce:

Current PC spec:
FX 4100 @ 4.2 GHZ
GTX 660 Oc at 10-15%~
12 GB DDR3 1600 Ripjaw
630w Bronze Certified Rosewill PSU
NZXT Phantom Full Tower
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  1. Go to a store and look at the difference yourself. Some people see huge differences, and some people don't. All the technical specs mean nothing if you like the way a different TV looks to you better. Take you time and try to compare the exact tv's you will be getting.
  2. so you are saying all the performance will be the same, just simply how it look visually will be different? Maybe i was not so clear about my question, but by visually i mean performance in game, color, texture, etc. Not the visual look of TV. sorry for not being do clearify.
  3. generally plasma sets are far better than lcd sets, just get a panasonic st50 and be happy
  4. even the ut50 are great, they have the same panel and are functionally the same as the st50/gt50 series except they dont have the fancy uv anti glare coating(not an issue if ambient light in a room is low or dark) and minus a few exotic calibration controls(but you wont need those unless you plan on spending hundreds to have a professional calibration.)

    just go download the avs709 calibration disc and burn it to a bluray or usb follow the instructions and your golden.
  5. The What he is saying that bueaty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Good comparision between LCD, LCD with LED back light, and Plasma panels.
  6. IMHO, for the money, a 55" panny ut50, which can be had for under a grand, and once simple calibration is done via av709 in a dark room, its picture quality blows away any set in its price range, many review sites will confirm this.
  7. just to be clear though.. this will only be used by ps3 and PC.. not cable or anything like that.
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    Nearly all the Samsung and Panasonic plasmas will outperform every other TV out there in performance, picture quality and features.

    The mentioned Panasonic Ut50 is a great display for movies and games but not for a static desktop. As it is a plasma, it is prone to levels of burn-in.

    Basically, as far as burn-in, as long as you are not displaying a static image for longer than 10 minutes you should be alright. Burn-in is no longer the problem it was years ago but it still exists to an extent on plasma panels. On my plasmas for example (Samsung PN51E7000 and Panasonic Viera TC-P50VT25) sometimes the start bar would be visable even after turning the tv off. This would go away after a few minutes but it is something to know when considering a plasma TV.

    Also, plamsa displays have a very high refresh rate that no existing LED/LCD can touch.

    As for LCD vs LED, LED typically has better and brighter color. The minimum refresh for an LCD/LED should be true 120hz and not the 60hz with motion interpolation like some lower end models that claim 120hz. So read up on that if you decide to go with a LCD/LED.

    For the money, the UT50 is hard to beat as long as you dont idle on your desktop.
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