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Thanks to these forums I have bought a new Gigabyte HD 7970 video card. Well now I hope you can help me out again.

I'm trying to benchmark a few games my self, and I want to know how to calculate or find average fps in games. I have searched Google and these forums as well but did not find an actual answer, so forgive me if I have missed it. I have tried it with Fraps, though, I'm not sure how reliable or useful that program actually is, since Fraps is known to drop the performance of games while recording. I'm not sure if or to what extent Fraps would affect performance while benchmarking. So, is there other, more solid methods of finding average fps in games? I'd greatly appreciate the actual details and methods of finding average fps.
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  1. Fraps has an apparent impact on performance only when recording video. Overall it is quite reliable for benchmarking, just try to run the benchmark outside of loading screens, menus and cutscenes. Try to include as much action and diverse effects as possible into your benchmark recording. A typical run takes usually anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes.
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