Hi everyone!I'm new to tom's hardware community.I need a piece of advice about upgrading my 9600gt!
My specs are:Intel core 2 duo E6300 1.86ghz
3gb Ram
motherboard msi ms-7258 neo-v
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  1. Also my psu is 400watt
  2. What model psu is it? Your current cpu may be able to handle a decent OC but the sad truth is it is a weak cpu. What do you want from your pc - gaming? Which games? You should consider a complete upgrade - cpu/mobo/ram/gpu.
  3. It is not my gaming pc!So i just wanted to upgrade a gpu.I play 2009 games on this pc.My psu is thermaltake.
  4. Only gpu upgrade.I prefer an ATi suggestion.
  5. Are you sure that its E6300 and not E4300
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