GTS 250 HDMI / Monitor Issue

Hello to all the guru's on Toms Hardware!

Just looking for some assistance to any NVIDIA Gpu Users!

I've been using a GTS 250 for a little while now. Not the best card on the market if i may say. Been using it to power my two monitors and my TV Via HDMI Cable. I've however ran into a issue. in the past couple of days.

Heres the configuration

VGA-VGA monitor
DVI - VGA Adapter to VGA

So i've had it, setup for when i wanted to watch a movie i would jump into the configuration for Nvidia. And Jump to my TV, and disable the other two. Then Jump back when i was done? Simple right.

Okay so ~ down to the issue. it's self. So i wanted to watch tv the other day as i was working on my two monitors. so i hit the power button on my TV. Then soon as it come on. it's like the computer was trying to detect the HDMI. it turned off both my monitors, then it all came back! I mean sounds like nothing but that is really annoying both happens when i turn the TV OFF and ON! ~ i've not had this issue before. but running the latest drivers does anyone out there have a fix to this issue? Currently running windows 7 x64 and up to date.

Id would be very appreciated if anyone could help me out!

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  1. it is probably a update and is normal. Disconnet your monitors, then only connect the primary one. Then set all your settings to default in the Nvidia control panel. Then connect your displays 1 at a time and reset them back the way you want it.
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