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Grab a 7970 GHZ or Get a GTX 670 and Step Up to 780

So I'm finally about to buy parts and build my first gaming rig and I'm stuck on this decision. First off I want to say I'm a little bit of an Nvidia fanboy (Always had a nvidia card and despise AMD a little bit - no clue why) so going the AMD route would definitely be something new to me. I've never even thought about going with AMD until now. Seeing that the Gigabyte Radeon 7970 GHZ is $430 and basically preforms higher then the GTX 680 and being only $30 more then the highly popular GTX 670 FTW, its definitely made me think twice. So help me out; Pick up a 7970 GHZ now OR pick up a EVGA GTX 670 FTW and hope for the 700 series to be released before the 90 day limit on EVGA's Step-up program :heink:

As always, thanks guys.
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    GTX 700 series won't be released in such short time frame, get the 7970.
  2. You do know that the 700/8000 series have officially been delayed until the 4th quarter,right? If so then you're best bet would be to get a 7950 or 660ti and OC it and save money then step up when the new beasts come out. Or you can get either one of those you mentioned up there and step it up when you need to. But I would go for something that costs 300 or less and save more money for the next series.
  3. Alright thanks guys. I actually had no clue they were postponed till Q4. I'm definitely going with the 7970 GHZ then. I'll keep it till Maxwell or till I feel like I need to upgrade. Thanks!
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