Memory dumps, black screen, and a bunch of other problems. Please Help

[Problems will be summarized at the bottom of the page]

Ok where to begin, my problems began when I noticed that I could not connect to my wired pc connection.
After troubleshooting I found out that the problem resides with my pc, not the internet or the cat5.

While trying to re install my lan drivers my computer crashed with a memory dump. Upon restart, my computer got the black screen of death, which after I CTRL ALT DEL went away. I then tried doing a system restore which ends in an error message stating that :system restore could not access a file, probably because your antivirus program may be blocking access. My antivirus and windows firewall were off when I tried to restore so I do not know why this is happening.

I also noticed that I cannot turn my avast antivirus back on, the shields do not respond when I turn them back on. I also cannot turn on malewarebytes program to scan my pc, it says product files are missing or corrupt please re-install. I also cannot uninstall programs from the control panel. I also noticed that access is denied for disabling certain processes in task manager. And I cannot uninstall any programs ( I tried uninstalling a program called tuneup which I thought the problems were coming from).

[Summary]: Unable to end processes access denied, slow start up and black screen on start up, unable to turn avast antivirus or malewarebytes back on, unable to uninstall programs, recovery is unable to finish correctly due to it being unable to access certain files, no internet access wired or wireless.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this :) Please help, I have a research project to finish and all my data is on my desktop :cry:
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  1. Sounds like you need to do a clean install - if you can access any files to save important stuff that should be your first move.
    Before you do either see if you can sign on as administrator - it may be that your user rights have been modified or corrupted.
    Good Luck with it.
  2. Trying to recover your system after a crash like that will not do you any good. You will probably end up with continuous issues in the OS.

    If you can get into windows and retrieve your data, do so! Then kill the os, format and reinstall windows. As a suggestion, I would not install Avast again. If oyu need a free antivirus program use Microsoft Security Essentials. It may not be the best but it wont harm your system and it is probably better than Avast.
  3. Hey thanks for the input guys, but I am beginning to think this problem is a virus not a win 7 error. It seems like a lot of my programs are just shutting down or being disabled for no reason such as my anti virus, my internet, and now my windows updates have ben disabled?

    What should I do to get rid of the virus?
  4. Try running a scanner:

    I run Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials and this program seems to find things that get through both of those programs.

    Any programs called "tuneup" or "system optimizer" are almost always malware.
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