[Graphics Card] HIS 4670 1Gb DDR3 IceQ problem

Hello guys! Though I've run accross THM many times during troubleshooting but this is the first time I have to make a thread myself, as I've googled hard but I need more specific answers :D So hopefully this is not some problem that's been solved before but I don't know and there'll be solutions soon.

To the point: I recently bought a HIS 4670 IceQ and ran into this problem: with all 4 drivers I tried, at bios post, there're scattered white dots. Followed are multiple zeros all over the screen and at the logo part, there are 2 vertical white bars. Without the driver, I managed to boot into my XP Sp3 to install Catalyst suite.


+ With all 11.11, 12.4, 12.6, 13.1: after restart I can still boot into XP.When I used GPU-z, CCC, Display settings (using right click on desktop), they all indicate that there's a HIS 4670 in and running, with a driver (if not, it'd be "default monitor", but it shows "Ati HD 4600 series" in display setting" ). However, when I open Mass Effect 1, I got this massage

and Borderlands, this

Which, imo, mean that there's a card, a driver but somehow they're not compatible and make the game recognize falsely that there's no card at all.

My questions are:
+ What is the root of the problem? Is there any potential problem on my end (PSU, faulty mobo,etc.)?
+ How to get this HIS 4670 up and running like it should ( I hear everywhere that this HIS 4670 is really good :sweat: ) ?

Some side detail:
+ Previously I used an AtiHD2600pro with AtiCat12.6 and it was all good with games, softwares. Then I replaced it with an MSI4670 512Mb DDR3 and it was like just plug and play, and better than HD2600. But when I changed them for this 4670, the situation is as informed.
+ My specs: Cooler master elite power 460W, E5300 2.66Ghz, 2GB 667 RAM, Mobo: ASUS P5kpl-am-se
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  1. I just edited some details about symptoms with different drivers and I'm waiting for luck from THM :(
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