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I seem to be experiencing screen tearing within the desktop. For instance, while I'm scrolling in a pdf file (with just a white background and black text), it seems like the screen tears in a similar manner to games without vsync on. I'm not sure if this happens outside of pdf files, as it's a bit hard to see sometimes while, say, browsing the web. Any thoughts?
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  1. I've had this problem for years with the same monitor. I get "screen tearing" in Windows while doing anything, even dragging a window horizontally across the screen. Changing the refresh to 59 and back to 60 sometimes stops it for a while. Changing to a different HDMI/DVI cable works sometimes too, but it always comes back. Vsync does not help in games, even. It probably doesn't happen with VGA, but I'd rather deal with the screen tearing.
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