Duel PSU for GTX 460

Hi ,I got a 300W PSU with 17amps on the +12v line, i m getting a low performance at 1024x768 resolution with GTX 460
30 FPS Farcry 3 both on 1024x768 resolution not even ultra graphics
I think the problem is the PSU so i decided to buy a new one , but i don't have $$ atm to buy a good one. I got an other PSU 400W 24Amps on the +12v line i cant use it alone cauz it doesnt have enouf molex like the 300W PSU,So is it safe that i use a duel PSU ? like the 400W PSU for the graphic card and the other for the rest even tho they dont have same Amps on 12v line?
I dont wanna use molex splitter btw.
and does the PSU really affect the perfermance badly this?

Motherboard:Biostar 945GC-M7 TE
CPU:Core 2 duo 2.9 ghz
Graphic:GTX 460
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  1. @Kimouk - See my other reply i posted on your other thread
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