Replace or crossfire GPU?

So i have had this Gigabyte radeon hd7850 windforce 2gb for a while now and im thinking of upgrading. But im unsure if i should buy an Asus radeon hd7970 Dcii top 3gb, and replace the gigabyte GPU or if i should buy another Gigabyte GPU and crossfire them. What give best performance. Oh, and its for gaming.

CPU:Intel core i5 3570K 3,4 ghz
CPU cooler: Cooler master hyper 212 evo
Motherboard:Asus p8 z77-v le plus
SSD:Intel SSD 60gb (For OS)
HDD:Seagate baracuda 2 terrabyte harddisc
RAM:Corsair 16gb xms3 1600mhz 2x8
Power supply:Corsair tx 750W m
Case:NZXT phantom 410
OS:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
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  1. whynot slap ina second 7850 :) would be quite leet as a crossfire :S
  2. Why are you thinking of upgrading?
  3. Depends how much you can sell the 7850 for

    7970 ~ $400+
    7850 ~ $185

    If you can sell your 7850 for about $150 ish its a good deal to grab a 7970 and not worry about crossfire

    If you can't get a good price just grab another 7850 and cf

    And yeah why are you thinking of upgrading?
    The 7850 is a great overclocker and can match the 7870 and even a bit more
  4. ya i mean 2 7850s is great performance.

    2x7850s can match a 7970 im pretty certain actually.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I will probably put in another 7850. Im putting in because im considering to get a triple monitor. Will two 7850 have enough power to let me use a triple monitor setup if i turn down the settings in games?
  6. yes :)
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