Hp compaq 6735s was stolen

my system hp compaq 6735s with serial number CNH91563CP was stollen please how can i track it down please u can get me @ goodcare2008@gmail.com
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  1. Contact the police. ASAP.

    You also might want to check any pawn shops around to see if any of them have it.

    Edit: You should also keep this information handy for the police:

    1) The date and times of when you think it was stolen. For example - you last saw it at your place on march 21st between 9AM and 12PM.

    2) Any shady people you hang around with?

    3) Where was it last seen by you?
  2. dont post your email address unless you like spam

    chances of getting it back are pretty slim to none i am afraid

    there are softwares available that would track it--but you need to install them before it goes missing--like this


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