No Video Signal going to monitor PLEASE HELP....

So the PC monitor is showing no signal on a EMachines EL1852G-52w machine. It's an on board video so I thought that could be it..... So I bought a low profile low requirement card....

While waiting for that I heard it could have been the RAM or the PSU. (It's only 220W) So I hooked up my 600W power supply and checked each stick of the RAM in both slots and still got nothing..... So I thought for sure it's the video card..... New card came in today, I installed it..... Didn't work.... Does anyone have any other ideas?

No video, no beeps when the CPU turns on

Here's the specs on the computer if it helps.

Pentium E5800 3.2 GHz Dual Core
3GB DDR3 Ram
PUS is only 220W

Put this card in it

Any thoughts?
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  1. Reset bios jumper by taking out the motherboard battery for 20 seconds then putting it back in. If bios are accessible then set video output to pci express and boot. that psu should be fine i mean i run a 9600gso with a 285watt power supply for f's sake. If the bios reset doesn't work im pretty sure the mobo is fried. wait for experts to get back to you on this one
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