GTX680 or GTX690 - Need to have at least 3 LCD setup question

I just ordered a gaming computer and a GTX680 2 Gig and the possibility to connecting 3 30" displays.
Somebody else must have run into this before and if someone can guide me to this answer I sure would appreciate it.
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  1. So whats the question?
  2. A GTX680 can handle 3 displays.
    The only question is how many of what kind of adapters the card has, and what kind of inputs the displays have.
    The best 30" displays are usually 2560 x 1600 dual link displays. Most gtx680 cards have two DVI dual link adapters.
    attaching the third display may require a displayport adapter of some sort to attach the third.

    If your displays are the much less expensive 30" 1080P type displays, then still, you will need to attach one of them via HDMI or displayport.

    Just check what inputs your displays can handle, and match them up to the outputs the GTX680 has.
  3. manofchalk said:
    So whats the question?

    Sorry. What kind of equipment do I need. Must I use monitors exclusively, or can I use flat screens that have HDMI and how to connect them. I heard that I need an adaptor but I have no clue what is that.

    Thank you.
  4. You dont need any special equipment to run multiple displays, as long as you have screens, the required cables and enough Display outputs on your system you should be fine.

    TV's are the same as monitors to the computer.
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