Upgrading Vista to Win 7 w/o installing Vista first?

I have a legitimate copy of Windows Vista with key codes etc and I have a legitimate upgrade disk for Windows 7. I had Windows 7 installed on a previous system build which had a HD crash and now I am starting again from scratch (wiyh backed up data).

Like a dolt, I installed Wondows 7 before I remembered it was an upgrade edition. I've looked all over the MS site and don't see a method I can use to Activate Windows 7 from this point. I'm hoping that someone here can tell me a way to use my legitimate Windows disks and keys without having to wipe the drive, install Vista and then install Windows 7 yet again.

It's aggravating to have legitimate software and not be able to use it without needing to trick the system - surely there is a way to not have to start all over?

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  1. When i did the same thing i was asked to install a disk from the previous version of windows (ie: Vista) then it continued with the installation.
  2. Crossfire newb said:
    When i did the same thing i was asked to install a disk from the previous version of windows (ie: Vista) then it continued with the installation.

    Not sure I understand your reply. I have Windows 7 Installed now and am trying to activate it. Do you mean I should try and install Vista over Windows 7 and the system will know what I mean (lol - I love using the do what I mean macro). I think I have painted myself into a corner and suspect that others may have done so too - so maybe someone has figured an out? - Unless I understand your commetn correctly and can put the Vista Disk in and providce the key ??
  3. Is it not letting you activate it? if you put in the key and it allowed the install it should activate without an issue. All my windows 7 installs were done off the "upgrade" disk without windows xp or vista being installed.

    If your windows vista was OEM the 7 upgrade may have been tied to the previous system when you installed it and won't work.
  4. Call Microsoft's activation line --- the number that comes up when it fails the activation -- they will give you a proper response code to enter to activate once you give them the 2 product license keys --- If you used the Custom install option when installing then it will not have the correct license code in the files and will not allow the activation using an upgrade key -- but once you call MS and give them the keys they will provide you a response code that works (right now it thinks you are trying to use the upgrade without a proper qualifying OS so will not activate so calling in is the easiest\best method to get it activated properly.

    HEre is a guide that details the procedure for contacting them
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  6. Hawkeye22 said:

    3 and 4 will usually work.
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  8. Hawkeye22 said:

    Thanks Option 4 worked - Thanks All
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