Cannot extend my display to the third monitor.


Operating system -- Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
Graphics card -- HIS Radeon HD 7770
Processor -- AMD FX-6100
Memory -- 8192MB RAM

For a year now I have been running dual monitors, but recently I purchased a new graphics card, . I had an extra monitor, so I figured I would set up 3 monitors since the Radeon 7770 can support up to three according to tiger direct. . I hooked up the third monitor but it will not allow me to extend the display. It states "unable to save display settings". The cables I am using are: DVI, DVI to HDMI, and DVI to mini display. All the monitors work but I can only extend two at a time. I tried AMD eyefinity as well, but when I try to extend the third monitor using that it states "To extend the desktop, a desktop or display must be disabled" . I went onto and it states that one monitor must be hooked up using either display port or mini display port, and the other two can be hooked up with any combination of dvi, vga, or hdmi. Well I have 1 hooked into mini display, 1 into hdmi, and 1 into dvi, yet it won't work. Any suggestions??? Thanks!
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