Tri Fire bottle neck(6990+6970

Hello I am going to start out by saying I just started learning more about computer parts and stuff so forgive me if I don't understand a few things, now that that's out of the way, for about 1 year I have been experiencing low fps with my current rig, I have done countless hours of research and conducted a few upgrades and I have determined that my pc is probably being bottlenecked by a certain part that is currently in my setup, I have reason to believe it may be my cpu, or the ram, or the mother bored.

the reasons why I think it may be a bottle neck is because playing games like borderlands 2, battlefield 3, I get relatively high fps and use 100% gpu usage on all cards, but then hen I play cpu intensive games, I get all the way down to 10 fps, since I recently added the 6970 into my system, I am now only getting 50% gpu usage on all cads running battlefield 3 and borderlands 2 and 17-20 gpu usage in cpu intensive games.

i7-2600k OC 3.5 ghz turbo boost to 4.5
Saphire HD 6990 4gb DDR5
Saphire HD 6970 2GB ddr3
1200w powersupply
8GB ram
MotherBored P8P67 EVO

I also have liquid cooling to my cpu.
Please help this is extremely anoying
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    Not a bottleneck, you should be tearing those games apart. It's shotty driver support most likely.
  2. lucuis said:
    Not a bottleneck, you should be tearing those games apart. It's shotty driver support most likely.

    Do you know of a way to fix that? reinstall drivers? maybe
  3. Couldn't hurt to try.
  4. aright ill give it a try, ill let you know if it works Thanks
  5. is your OS 64bit or 32bit?
  6. KAIJER said:
    is your OS 64bit or 32bit?

    oh sorry im running 64bit windows 8
  7. lucuis said:
    Couldn't hurt to try.

    Nothing happened, I ran it without crossfire at first and it looked like there was an improvement but when I whent into crossfire I was still only getting 50% gpu utilzation
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