Is my HD7850 definitely a dud?

Hi gents,

I recently built myself a system and went with an AMD Radeon HD 7850 graphics card. Everything went seemlessly with the build, except that when I switched it on for the first time, my monitor read 'No Input'...

The card was inserted (correctly) into the PCI-e 16x slot on the motherboard, the 6-pin power connector was attached (correctly), and my monitor was connected to the on-(mother)board HDMI port. The system 'beeped' once upon switching on, so it 'POST'ed correctly. 'No Input'...

I tried swapping the HDMI to the output on the back of the graphics card itself. 'No input'...

I tried swapping to using Mini DisplayPort. 'No input'...

I tried removing the graphics card altogether. Fine!

I tried reinserting the graphics card with the 6-pin power connector unattached (Monitor connected to m'board). Fine!

So, looks like this card needs RMA'd, right?

I don't have access to another card to see if that works, but, basically, it looks as if this one is (when connected and powered) is blocking any display output whatsoever.

I haven't installed any AMD drivers because I haven't even been able to get into Windows with this thing inside my computer :(

Please give me your thoughts!
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  1. 3 things:

    What's your power supply wattage? It might not be providing enough power to run the video card, but I doubt that's the problem.

    Is there a setting in the BIOS about which video adapter is used? If so, try switching it to the PCI Express option (instead of onboard or something like that). The BIOS should switch automatically, but who knows? It's worth looking into.

    3rd, does the GPU fan spin when you turn the computer on? Are there any signs of life at all, or does it just sit there?
  2. I'm using a 450W PSU and there's nothing else in my system (bar the essentials). I even have an SSD, rather than an HDD! Power should not be an issue.

    I haven't looked into the BIOS... Not all that confident with that side of things.

    Yes, I should have said, as well as POSTing, all the fans seem to spin fine: PSU, CPU, case, GPU...
  3. You are connecting the monitor to the motherboard, not to the graphics card itself, or did I misunderstand? If that is the case, the monitor plugs into the graphics card, not the motherboard.

    What motherboard / cpu do you have?
  4. You can try using integrated graphics to install the radeon drivers and then try it again

    and trying to get another card to test the slot will be a great step if you can somehow source one
  5. You should really try using the DVI port as well. Some cards don't like to show the BIOS on HDMI, and I don't know about the display port. DVI is the standard output
  6. @Robert Pankiw - I've tried all combinations of plugging the monitor into the on-board ports, as well as the ones on the graphics card!

    Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77X-D3H Motherboard and Intel Core i5 3450.

    @Stickmansam - I had thought of trying that, but wasn't sure if it would be worth it. Can you install drivers when the card isn't even there?
  7. @unksol - Sorry, should have said too, I used the other cable that came with the card, which I'm pretty sure was DVI, to no avail...
  8. Smill110, you can install the Radeon drivers using the i5 3450's graphics, but drivers shouldn't be the issue. Every graphics card should be useable without drivers (at low resolutions, and terrible performance). Do you have a friend that could try to boot his desktop with your graphics card? Or a spare PC at your own home. That is the only real substitute for not having a spare GPU.
  9. Well I have heard of issuses in some circumstances that the card would refuse to run without drivers

    check the pcie version and bus speed in bios too
  10. I downloaded and installed the driver pack from AMD, even though the card wasn't actually in my machine at the time. Would Windows detect the card and apply those drivers automatically?

    I'll have a look at the BIOS, but not too clued-up on these things, since it's my first build.

    Unfortunately, I've recently moved to a new city, so no friends' system in range to try it on.
  11. You would have to install them manually and yes the drivers will be applied after you install them

    Check you bclck as well, its the cpu/pcie clock, should be at 100+/- 1

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