How long will two gtx 680's last me?

Well I'm looking into getting two evga gtx 680 superclocked signature 2 but I also like the performance of a gtx 690
I really can't decide and I just wanna go with something that will allow for good overclocking and have the ability to play games
at max settings for a few years. Just need to know the good and the bad about going with either of these setups
I7 3770k
Noctua nh-d14
8gb corsair vengeance
asus sabertooth z77
128 samsung pro ssd
1tb wb
My case will be a cooler master haf xm and I'll be putting a side 200mm fan to blow on my gpus! :)
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  1. A long time to come. Please tell me your not gaming on a single 1080 display with 2 680s? If so would be a huge waste. The next gen of cards isnt due now till Fall. With the exception of the Nvidia Titan card coming in limited supply soon. I'd say your good for another year to 2. I upgrade my GPU every 18 months. then the rest as needed.
  2. Titan is almost here(supposed to release this month). Anyone thinking about a GTX 690 or dual 680's right now would likely be best served waiting to see what Titan is all about.,20797.html
  3. Oh yeah I heard about that card! You guys think its true or just some rumors going around? It would be a sweet card and its about $100 cheaper than a gtx 690... and no for the mean time I'll be playing on a benq xl2420t 120hz monitor but I'll be saving up more to get two more if I can. you can find them pretty cheap off ebay haha
  4. Nvidia confirmed its true, so yes it is a fact it will be out soon. The rumor part is how well it will perform. If I were in your shoes I would wait it out 3-4 weeks and see.
  5. BigMack70 said:
    Not as long as a pair of GTX Titan cards ;)

    That is assuming the GTX Titan will work in SLI. Have you heard anything about it?
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    How long the 680 SLI lasts is up to you. You could make it last 5 years, by lower settings, it may last 1 year if you are unwilling to compromise on settings.
  7. Yeah I guess that is true, I can make the cards last with toning down graphics on certain games. I guess this will be the same thing if I go with a gtx 690 right? Will having two gpus really increase my temps like crazy? and I forgot to list my psu which will be a seasonic-x 1050w.
    And check this link about Nvidia's Titan
    Suppose to be released the 18th and well hopefully all the rumors about its performance is true!
  8. BigMack70 said:
    Nope but I think it's a safe assumption as I'm pretty sure the last time Nvidia released a (high end) gaming card that wasn't compatible with SLI was the FX 5-series.

    The reason I'm not so sure is that I hear the card is using poorly binned Tesla chips for Titan. Tesla cards do not SLI.
  9. Here's some new info on the Titan. And if its true I would rather get two gtx 680's
    for the cheaper price and performance.
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