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i have gigabyte 970a-ds3 which only supports crossfire and 2x factory oc nvidia galaxy geforce 560 ti 1gb gddr5 what can i do to use both 560 if my mobo dont have sli capabilities should i trade my cards for 2x 6950?
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    You can put the second one as a physX card, or sell them both and get a good gfx card from the current generation, either a 660 ti or 7950, that motherboard even for crossfire isn't good, with the second pcie at 4x and sharing the bandwidth with other resources.
  2. thanks for the quick reply :) :D .. what are the pros and cons of having the second card as a physX? and how can i do it? should i just put my 2nd card on the second slot? :??:
  3. The pros is that you'll have better performance with titles that supports physX(with the physX enable and at mid/high settings), the cons, you'll have a higher power consumption, it won't help outside some games with demanding physX levels, just put the card on the second slot, it will be recognized, and go to the nvidia panel and set the physX card.
    In my opinion, if you can sell the cards and get 300$ for a 660 ti or 7950 it will be better.
  4. thanks a lot sir! much appreciated! :)
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