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I have a Dell laptop, and when I turn it on, the screen says no internet service, but have internet access. Laptop won't allow the service.
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  1. if this is on wifi you might find some luck if you go to conection setting and delete the settings for you wifi network and reconect and put the key in again (some where with the setting for prefured connection if iremember right)


    it might be a firewall problem might want to check the setting for that try turning it off see if it solves the problem BUT TURN IT BACK ON and find the problem if it does.
  2. First make sure your drivers (WIFI and Ethernet) are up to date.

    What happens when you hit your wireless function key? Any change?

    Has this always happened, is it a new problem, did you change any settings before this occurred. Is the Laptop a fresh installation?
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