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what would cause overheating graphics card?
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    ahmad_98 said:
    what would cause overheating graphics card?

    lot times the new cards bios or video drivers dont ramp up the gpu fans for the load. try using msi afterburner and set a new fan ramp like 50c 100 percent fan. if the gpu fan is working you hear it at that fan ramp. on some video card lower end units 560ti /7770. is trying to run a high end game on a low end gpu. the gpu chip gets over heated from the stress. another issue is small cases with one or no fans. the gpu dumps there heat back into the case and there no where for the case to dump heat. you can see if this is an issue by taking off the side panel of your pc and see if the temps run better. the other issue is people chuck there pc into a cube with no airflow.
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