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Hi All,

I would like to get some opinions/ideas on the best wireless routers.
I have always had a lot of security on my network in terms of multiple routers, gateways and even standalone firewalls like smoothwall. I would like to tone down the paranoia ever so slightly and streamline as much as I can. I want to (if possible) cut down to just one wireless router running the whole show.
My setup consists of 4 LAN connections (1 desktop + 3 servers), 2 laptops and a wireless tablet. Internet comes via broadband with the connection coming by the providers own modem. So I basically will have LAN cable supplying my internet connection (not WAN).
The setup is for my working from home so the router has to be reliable. I also do a ton of skype calls and occasional video calls, therefore the router shouldn’t add too much lag or any other disruptions (I’m not referring to QoS but cheap components which will degrade the connection). The firewall has to pretty much rock solid. I don’t mind if the router cuts my connection due to a DOS or any other attack but I would prefer if not many of them actually got through. Lastly the router needs to handle a lot of LAN traffic as part of my job is database and image conversions which will mean a constant saturation of the network.
Cost wise I am not too worried about but obviously I don’t want to have to sell my kids (my wife maybe  ) to buy the router. Let’s however keep it under 300Eur (400U$)
What I know from many years back is that Cisco is pretty much top dog in the business environment and netgear and Linksys (made by cisco) are top of the home market.
I would therefore like any suggestions on router makes/brands and maybe even specific routers. Any justifications would also be welcome.

Thanks a ton for your help.
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