Mudbox problem: ATI or NVIDIA Graphics required

Hello guys..

Ive been with this problem for a month now, and Im so desperate.

Ive seen on the net that is a common problem in several users, and some solved it updating Drivers (DONE, I updated not just graphic drivers, but all of them) configurating NVIDIA Interface (Forcing it to use the graphic card) and so..

Finally, I read that one guy's problem was that he had the monitor plugged into the motherboard, instead of the graphic card...And I think thats my problem...I would do that too but its a Laptop and I have no idea how to change that in a laptop...should I open it?

Thanks to everyone who take the time to read this and try to help me!!
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  1. well, i tried to turn off the motherboard graphic card and work only with the good one, but it not working either...
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