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Buying a 670 off of Craigslist?

I am going to be buying a 670 for around 250 tomorrow, it is still in its original packaging and hasn't been opened. Anything I should check with the owner before finalizing the purchase?
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  1. If it hasn't been opened go for it. Make sure if you can get a receipt too.

    What I find suspicious, if its unopened, who in their right mind would sell a brand new 670 for $250? Only a crazy person would do that. Make sure you meet in a public place.
  2. There's nothing you can check if is not open unless you insist on seeing it run.

    Quite frankly sounds like a scam as any intelligent person would have returned it or sold it on Ebay. you'll also have no warranty
  3. He said he wanted to upgrade but changed his mind and we could meet at an electronics store to make sure everything runs fine. I have seen pictures he sent to my email and have exchanged texts, I'm just wondering if there's something I'm missing?

    Also my dad is accompanying me to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  4. The point is he'd have returned it if he just changed his mind, not taken $150 loss. Or even be asking $250. But If it works it works. Good luck
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    It sounds to fishy to me.I be careful if i was you.I personally think your going to be ripped off however i hope not.I'd ask if you can test it out first before you give them any money good luck!
  6. Thanks guys got it factory sealed for 200! Everything went smoothly !
  7. Wow!You totaly scored congrats enjoy!
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