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Low fps at every game

Hi all, new guy here, hope it's the section to ask this, but here's the thing. Recently, like 6 days ago, all was fine, my fps was acceptable at every game and from them, i dunno what happened, but my fps droped for like 5-10 at every game, even 15-20, and when i try record, from an average fps of 30 at MW3 for example, it droped at 8-10, and this happens at EVERY game i try to record, everytime drops from 35 to 8-10, except for 1 game, BF3, i dunno how this be, but at BF 3 i record with an average of 25 fps, but at every other games i record with 8-10, thing that never happened until the past 6 days. Here's what i've got, hope is enough, if not, i'll give more infos.
I3 2100 3.1 GHz
GTS 250 1 GB
Windows 7 64-bit
I would like to know a solution how to fix this issue, with recording and fps droping, with or without recording, 1st i tought is a virus, nothing found, second i tought it's the processor or motherboard....but still, they are 4 months old, i cant believe they could be screwed up in so little time, since are kinda good components and 3rd i tought it's the video card ( like 3 years old), maybe was screwed up a bit, since i played some games with ultra graphics and maximum resolution for few minutes to test something from time to time....
So what do you think? From what this problem can occur and how can i fix it?
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  1. You can do uninstall and reinstall graphic driver. Have you already update to latest one?
  2. Could be numerous things.

    1) Check if graphics card fan is spinning (visually confirm).

    2) Check background processes and RAM usage (i.e. Process Explorer).

    3) Check CPU and graphics card temperatures.
  3. Well, dont find anything suspicious there if you wanna say that and processes, atm i got like 27% CPU usage and Physical memory like 62%. As for the temperature, for CPU is like 54 C, and for GPU, is like 68 C. Dunn about the fan yet, i think works well. It's still very weird, to a day from another, from good to bad.
  4. Are those load or idle temps? I ask because it sounds like you took them at 27% load which would make them awfully high. If that was at full load with prime 95/furmark or the highs logged while actually playing one of the problem games they are fine.
  5. Well, my Load GPU core is like 96% and the temp, doesnt says which, is on 69 C
  6. Gpu is loading 96%, then there shouldn't be low fps. Check cpu temp with prime95 100%.

    But i think its a driver issue.
  7. Best answer
    your graphic card is outdated u need an upgrade for better performance.
  8. I went to Nvidia site and upgraded from there to the latest one, the latest from GTS 250 and i really dunno what else could be, virus cant be, i got enough HDD if this would be a part of the problem, the motherboard and processor are pretty good, 4 months old and i dont think they could have been screwed up, and the temperature for CPU wasnt even that big to melt or do something bad to it, dunno about GPU, i've seen the max temp for my GPU is around 100 C, y-day i had 69-70 C, and it's even a 3 year old GPU, maybe it's dying slowly....i dunno.
    But not to open another topic, as a 2nd question, cuz this is very weird, on appdata in local at temporary files it shows me i got like 2.5 GB, but when i at disk cleanup, it shows me like 8.5 GB, i this comes, in 1 temporary files shows 2.5, and with disk cleanup it show me 8.5.
  9. 100* is really too hot.
  10. Well, i told just that 100 C is the maximum for my video card, not that i've every hit it, i just sayed y-day i had a max of 70* C.
  11. As for the 2nd question with the temporary files, just asking here, not to open another thread....anyone knows an answer? why shows me on local, 2.5 gb, but with disk cleanup is shows 8.5 gb?
  12. unshur of that.

    also u should think about raising ur speed of ur gpu fan sounds too hot.
  13. Yea a graphic card shouldn't be going over 80 degrees even. I would think you are where you ought to be graphically your card is a bit outdated and you are running a dual core processor where games that are more CPU bound meaning they are able to utilize 4 cores will show. In mutiplayer BF3 thrives with 4 cores. Also given that you have a 250 you should know that a 5 of any series with Nvidia typically spells HTPC an possibly entry level gaming. Budget gamers should look towards 6 cards.
  14. Well, before this problems, i could run BF3 with an average of 30-35 fps, and like 25-30 when i play with an average of 22 fps and recording with likfe 15 fps, BUT NOT on all OTHER games ( dunno why there, even if those are way weaker than VF3, the fps drops under 10 ), definetly it's from video card, atm no money in the wallet for a new GPU....i'll try 1st with the fan, the GPU it's constantly at 69* C, sometimes go till 72* C, i think this it's not normal, especially in the morning after a few minutes after i turned on my PC. Ok, let's say the 1st problem with the fps it's kinda known and maybe can be solved. I decided to buy either a gtx 580, gtx 680 or radeon 7970, which one do you suggest? or maybe you can suggest a better one? ( not with exagerated price like gtx 690, hehe ). Even if my processor and motherboard would be screwed up, i'm still in the term of guarantee of warranty, so i can change em in the next 1 year and half if they screwed up, but i doubt that would happen after 4 months, so sure it's the video card.
    As for my seconda question, with the temporary files, i still wait an answer, cuz it's kinda weird, and cant decide if i should disk cleanup the temp files or not, dont wanna to delete something important, since in one place it's less GB that in other.
  15. I don't know if necessarily throwing a high end graphics card will solve all of your problems. What are you open to doing? What would you like as your end outcome? Lets just look at things one item at a time and try and figure out what would be best for you. It sounds like you are pretty frustrated with your performance and are looking to improve on things.
  16. Well, since i want to start record....yea, i'm frustrated, i mean, maybe this ops are good, recording with an average of 30 fps at BF3, at 1280x1024 resolution and all at ultra, but still, dont think that's enough, there are still spike lags, here and on other games too, and since i need a new GPU since some games that i like will support DX11, and my GPU supports DX10, and i think a better GPU ( cuz processor it's pretty good, no problems with i) will help me alot at fps, i could play with higher resolution, even maximum one, without having a 10-15 fps....But atm, no money for a new GPU, and probably to increase my RAMs, to 8 GB....bah gonna rob a bank. Just tell me, gtx 580, gtx 680 or HD Radeon 7970, or better suggestion for a good GPU? Let's say that could be till 300 euros, and if i can sell this GPU, maybe i can get like 100-120 euros on it.
  17. Sorry for double post, seems i cant edit, but here's an interesting thing, i've tried again to update my driver and my *C went from 65 to 50, and after that i could run all games at a very good fps, even to record, but after that i've tried to test something, i've closed my PC, turned on after, and happened the same went almost at 70 *C, so it seems that my GPu *C must be under 60? cuz it seems that if it go to 60+ my fps drops, so....i think it's either my entire GPU, either the GPU's fan?
  18. you need a new gpu. that thing wont cut the mustard
  19. 1.Seems yea....dont think even if i speed up my fan, wont be much difference, it hits too fast like 70 *C, even if i do nothing. So from the GPUs i told there, which one you would say would be good, for a buget till 400 euros.
    2.As for the 2nd question, anyone can please answer my question with that temporary files thing?
  20. id rma true the company u bought it from.

    2. i have no clue
  21. I agree I would RMA the card it would make sense to try and recur some of the cost from the card that you currently have.

    2. I don't recall a question on temporary files. Oh never mind I do see it. Well one possibility is that it can be pulling the information from more then one area another thing it could be is hidden folders. If you don't have hidden folders turned on you may not see it.

    Honestly, any of the GPU's you listed would be a vast improvement over what you have it would make your current card look like integrated graphics. However, it truly depends there are games that favor team green and team red. All in all though I feel the best value of performance and cost would go with AMD at the moment with the deal they have running with there 7900 series cards getting a real solid card to start and then getting Bioshock infinite and Crysis 3 which on its own is around a 120 dollar value is pretty awesome if you weren't interested in those games as well you could just sell them. But either way you would be fine with any of the modern cards I wouldn't dip into the 500 series nvidia cards and I wouldn't go into the 6000 series amd cards. Get the newest cards due to tech, power consumption, and less heat.
  22. +1 mr.sh00t
  23. Think the only solution would be a new card, but still, i would go for gtx 580, instead of radeon HD 7970, cuz, gtx 580 it is sayed it's the fastest DX 11 graphic card (after gtx 690 ofc) and lol, it's way cheaper, radeon 7970 is like 350 euros, while gtx 580 its like 240 euros....still, i dunno WHY everytime i make an upgrade to my graphics card....after that, all is fine, fps is going back to normal, recording is best. I would like to make a connection btw Phoenix.exe, after i've upgraded my graphic card, i've seen this mysterious program to stop. Now i wonder what's Phoenix.exe.
    About the temp files, the one with 8.5 GB, would be safe to do a cleanup?
  24. gtx 580 is ancient.

    for me 7950 if ati. gtx 670 for nvidia if u need something
  25. Well, anyway, i'll think later for another GPU, now i need to know what is Phoenix.exe, it's a little weird....little info on the net about it, and as i told, everytime i upgrade my GPU ( i even tested 2-3 times), phoenix closes, and all fps comes back to normal, now i wonder if this program has something to do with my problem, what is this program anyway, is a virus or something, a program that affects your CPU and GPU?
  26. Description: phoenix.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files". Known file sizes on Windows 7/XP are 6,639,870 bytes (40% of all occurrences), 6,962,815 bytes, 6,520,601 bytes or 381,002 bytes.
    The program has no visible window. File phoenix.exe is not a Windows system file. There is no information about the author of the file. Therefore the technical security rating is 62% dangerous.
    You could uninstall the program using the Control Panel ⇒ Add/Remove programs ⇒ Windows Media Player Last or Intel.

    If phoenix.exe is located in a subfolder of C:\, the security rating is 56% dangerous. The file size is 8,161,008 bytes. It is a file without information about the developer of this file. The program has no visible window. Phoenix.exe is not a Windows system file.
    If phoenix.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Documents and Settings", the security rating is 14% dangerous. The file size is 8,578,951 bytes. The program has a visible window. The file is not a Windows system file.
  27. s phoenix.exe harmful?
    phoenix.exe has not been assigned a security rating yet. .
    Security Rating

    phoenix.exe is unrated

    Can I stop or remove phoenix.exe?
    Most non-system processes that are running can be stopped because they are not involved in running your operating system. . phoenix.exe is used by 'Phoenix'.This is an application created by 'Leitch Technology International Inc.'. To stop phoenix.exe permanently uninstall 'Phoenix' from your system. Uninstalling applications can leave invalid registry entries, accumulating over time. .

    Is phoenix.exe CPU intensive?
    This process is not considered CPU intensive. However, running too many processes on your system may affect your PC’s performance. To reduce system overload, you can use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility to manually find and disable processes that launch upon start-up. Alternatively, .

    Why is phoenix.exe giving me errors?
    Process related issues are usually related to problems encountered by the application that runs it. The safest way to stop these errors is to uninstall the application and .

    The safest way to stop these errors is to uninstall the application and .
  28. company
    Company Name Novatel Wireless Inc.
    Legal Copyright Copyright (C) 2005
    Company Website
    Product Name Phoenix Application
    Product web site
    ProcessName Phoenix.exe
    Internal Name Phoenix
    File Description NVTL Phoenix MFC Application
    Original File Name Phoenix.EXE
    Query count 13
    Free scans
    Detect all outdated drivers
    Optimize PC Settings

    i guess best bet find it and uninstall it. the is the most info i could get.
  29. Ummm, how can i uninstall it, i cant find it in control panel. If i use Ccleaner and delete it from startup programs, that should do the trick?+ deleting the "Phoenix" folder?
  30. yes. thats right.
  31. Thank alot, all of your, for help. Let's hope all this wasnt from my GPU and was cuz of the Phoenix, it's kinda plausible, cuz everytime that process it's stoped, all works fine. Well, problem solved and topic can be locked.
  32. anytime , select a best answer for it to be closed :)
  33. Try getting a better GPU
  34. As i told, is ALREADY solved, and it seems all the problems were from the Phoenix.exe program, i've deleted it and my fps went back to normal, so atm no new GPU is needed.
  35. excellent :) now best answer sir .
  36. Dunno how i can do this....pressing the green like button multiple times or what?
  37. no u go under someones answer and u select best answer.
  38. Check for background processes, Uninstall the NVIDIA Drivers and re-install it again. After you switch on the PC, open the case and look whether the GPU Fan is spinning or not, sounds kinda stupid since you yourself that the load is 96%. Check whether dust has accumulated on the GPU Fans. I would really like to know what make is that GTS 250.
  39. good advice.
  40. Seriously, i've told ALL the problems were from Phoenix.exe, that program caused the low fps and the other ones, now that i've deleted that program, deleted from startup, all went back to normal, with video recording too. So problem is solved.
  41. i blind or i dont see anything to select best answer at a post? Everything i can see is the vote thing like/dislike, add to quoted messages and reply to....
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  45. Nope, it wont let me....i give up, just close the thread.
  46. i will ask a mod. to help.
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