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Hello everyone,

I have been searching on internet and had little luck as many of the cards have been discontinued.

I would like to know which current NVIDIA graphics cards, (except GTX690) have mini display port, and will I be ok, if for instance I have two graphics cards, one GTX 680 and other less powerful but with the mini display port? Will it effect the performance?

I don't want to get the GTX 690 as I'm not a gamer, it's expensive and in 3D software will not utilize the 4 GB. But if there are no other solutions, then I will have to get that card as it has that port.

The idea is that I have my 27 inch iMac, late 2011 and I want to use it as a screen for my PC. This is only possible with one MDP (male) to MDP (male) cable. No adapters or converters will work effectively.

I would appreciate if you could post your comments. Maybe some of you have macs, and successfully use them as screens, please share your experience.

Thanks again,
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  1. noidea_77 said:

    Thank you for your reply "noidea_77"

    It should work, since it has the same displayport output and it looks like it fits the GTX680.

    I will give it a try, thanks again.
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