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I have 2 PCs connected to a Samsung SyncMaster S24B300BL monitor via a KVM switch (NEWlink NLKVMP2PC). PC 1 has an Nvidia GeForce 8800 graphics card and displays fine at the recommended resolution of 1920 x 1080. PC 2 has an ATI Radeon X300 graphics card and looks all wrong and stretched, and I need to hover the mouse at the edge of the screen for it to scroll across and show the full desktop. Looking in Catalyst control centre the correct desktop area is shown, 1920 x 1080, but it lists the monitor as being the Default VGA monitor and under monitor information says "Not supported".

When I connect the monitor directly to PC 2 it displays as it should and lists the Samsung monitor as the display. I've updated the Radeon driver but still no joy. Any suggestions?
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  1. In case anyone else encounters this problem, I solved it by replacing the KVM switch for an Aten KVM which stores the monitor's EDID. Seems the NEWlink wasn't doing this and was confusing both me and the graphics card.
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