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1440x900 max resolution for 1080p monitor ?

Hi ,

I have a HDTV from Samsung , a Syncmaster 2333HD , 1920x1080 enable , with fullhd.I've plugged it into my computer using a HDMI cable but i'm not able to get more than 1440x900 resolution.Bigger than that the image looks strechy and ugly.My graphic card is a Radeon HD 6750 , with 1024 , not the best one on the market but certainly able to render a 1080p resolution.I also have a second screen at 1080p that works like a charm plugged in with DVI.I've ask samsung , they say it's not their monitor , but I don't know what else to do.I've checked for drivers on my monitor and my graphic cards , tweak in with Catalyst Control.Nothing works.

Any ideas ?

Thank you
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  1. It's been several months since last I used a Radeon card, but I believe Catalyst Control Center has a tab that allows adding HDTV resolutions like 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. If you haven't already tried that, you might be able to use it to add 1080p to your list of available resolutions.

    If that doesn't work, you can get a DVI cable (some are less than $10 on Newegg) and hook it up that way.
  2. I tried this too , it gives me a black border all around it when I choose a 1080p resolution and it stays blurry.The problem is that I only have one DVI and one HDMI plug on my graphic card
  3. Sorry, I must have missed the part about your second monitor. The black border all around when using HDMI is a well-known issue. You need to adjust the overscan/underscan options, but those can be hard to find sometimes. You might need to find the tab in the CCC that shows thumbnails of your monitors at the bottom, then right click on the 2333HD and choose Properties.
  4. I managed to scale it to the border in order to make it fits , but my image is still not clear :(

    Edit : I think I find part of the problem.I plug the DVI to my HDTV and the image is crystal clear again , I guess it's the HDMI port.But is the hdmi cable/port can make the image looks so crappy ?
  5. Scale? That's different from overscan/underscan settings. What scaling options are you using on the 2333HD? If the TV is scaling to compensate for underscan from the video card, that could prevent the image from being clear.

    Also, do you have any other outputs available on your video card, such as DisplayPort?
  6. I have DVI , HDMI , and VGA .I bought an HDMI-DVI cable to try it out , my guess is the hdmi cable wasnt working properly or one of the hdmi port of my screen or computer (in this case im screwed) But is there any way to plus two monitors in one dvi port ? I know it can't be done if you only have one port but since my graphic card allows dual monitors , is there's any adapter that could do the job or do I absolutely have to use a seperate port ?
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    dual-link dvi has enough bandwidth for two 1920x1080 monitors, but some of the pins for extra data (aside from the main video signal) are singletons, so I don't think it would work properly with two separate monitors.

    I can't tell right now whether your hdmi port or cable is bad or just misconfigured, but if the video card has VGA out, you can just use that instead.
  8. Anyway , you've help me alot on this.Managed to find out it wasn't the resolution but a cable/port problem.I'll only wait my cable to arrive and everything should be alright.By then i'll stick to my lower res.

    Thanks !
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