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I have a Sabertooth 990fx motherboard with 4gb ram and AMD FX 6100 cpu.

Will a Nvidia Geforce 210 512mb DDR2 64bit graphics crad work with my motherboard?
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  1. Your mobo will support any gpu.but gt 210 is very bad gpu for gaming.
  2. i agree with Ashish
  3. Hello... Nvidia has a number system... the first number is their series number... the last 2 numbers are the important numbers to look at and giving you an idea of their graphic performance scale...

    Series 2 performance scale 10 out of 90 = Geforce 210

    You can WIKI any Nvidia series #'s and compare what's inside.

    You can google any model of Graphic Card... type PASSMark after it... and see a chart comparing model vs models of Graphic performance. PASSmark Geforce 210 = 184
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