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hi guys

i recently bought a new i3 processor and mobo, got them installed etc. the problem is that every time i try to boot windows, it greets me with a 0x0..07B bsod. i gets to when the 4 dots that form the windows sign just appear, then bsods :??: . ive tried to repair windows to no avail, and it seems to work ok when booting from a disc. im trying a gentoo cd with no probs atm.

any ideas?
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  1. boot loops are usually cause by bad drivers
    when past the bios screen press f8 and try booting in the safe mode
  2. safe mode never worked for me :P . im trying memtest86 now. no errors so far :)
  3. Your new mobo may default to AHCI disk mode, while your old mobo may have been running in IDE (sometimes referred to as 'legacy' in the BIOS) mode. You could try changing the disk mode in the BIOS to IDE and reboot. Then do the following in the registry:

    Then restart, enter the BIOS and change the disk mode back to AHCI to maximize performance.
  4. ill do that when memtest finishes :)
  5. That KB entry actually has the same error code listed. I'm thinking the disk mode is your problem.
  6. no, it was already on ide, i tried on ahci mode, but still same error :( .
  7. is there anyway to do it without a fresh windows install? is there drivers i can download and use?
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