Asus 670 GTX Direct CU II SLI problems


i recently bought a 2nd Asus 670 gtx 2gb Direct CU II (non OC), and am experiencing wierd things.

I have a i7 3770k (stock atm) and ASRock Extreme 4 z77 motherboard, so i have two PCI-e slot's.

My 1st problem is that the lower PCI-e seated card is runnin ate least 15c hotter then the upper one. To compare, at 10% automatic idle fan speed the upper has around 30c, the lower 45c. One thing to notify is that between both cards i have instaled an X-fi sound card, which "maybe" heats the thing a bit. Still i hooked two 12cm fans to blow in the into the cars, but there is not much of a help :(

The 2nd problem is that in GPU-z i see that the upper card, which should run better works on PCI-e 3.0 x16 @ 8x1.1 (even with aster i start the GPU-z render test), the lower one (the hotter one) runs at PCI-e 3.0 x16 @ 8x3.0 . I Dont know what kind of performance to expect from this cards, in 3dmark 11 i got a score of 13800

The temps are listed with the side of the case opened, if i want to play games, i have to manualy turn the fan of the lower card to 90% (otherwise the card overheats! :( ).

Recently i bought a Samsung 840 PRO 256gb SSD to clone my old Revodrive 120gb, i had some sector and partition problems, but everything is working fine now. I am telling you this if "maybe", it has something to do with.

Thank you
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  1. I solved the PCI 8x 1.1 issue with my card. I changed the setting in Nvidia Control Panel for "Power management mode" to "Prefer maximum performance and 3d mark 11 gave me a 500 points increase.

    Still i have temps issue :( but i guess thats on me any my case
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