Blue screen 116, atikmdag stopped working

So basicly last night I was just playing some video games when bam, video card stopped giving signal to pc. When I boot and welcome screen comes up it just restarts ( video card restarts ) and tries to get signal. After a long while of trying to see what the error was, I managed to boot in safe mode and it seems I got Blue screen 116.

I googled around it and seems that the video card is the problem. It's not overheating ( as it was in 65 degrees ) and just to be sure, I took it near the window ( and its down to 40 degrees) .

The problem I identified seems to be from the windows display driver. I uninstalled it from device manager and when I boot again, everything works fine ( except the fact that Im running 800x600 with no video installed ). Windows automatically reinstalls the driver and if I reboot again, the blue screen comes back. I tried updating the ati driver, reinstalling it, removing it, removing any software that might cause it to crash but I have found nothing so far. I checked if memories had problems, but no. At the moment im running out of google options, anyone have any idea what to do?
Tried reinstalling windows with formatting everything, didn't worked and now cant finish setup because windows cant start to finish it.

// e redactat in lb engleza pt ca am postat si pe alte site-uri. dar nici un raspuns pana acum
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  1. It seems atikmpag.sys crashed and I cant get it to work. Its not overheating and it breaks everytime I install the driver
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