Plinking/flashing dark colours.PC/HDTV/PS3


I got problem with Samsung LED HDTV when connected to Ps3 or a PC.
As my Ps3 broke i decided to upgrade it for better entertainment, for PC.
as i had that issue with the console, then i hoped this burchase would solve it, but the problem remained.
I posted it on youtube
Thanks in advandce.
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  1. pc specs..please..
    That video is of the pc?
  2. Yes that video is of the PC connected to HDTV, wich i think is the source of the problem

    My PC specs

    I5 3470 3.2 . @3.6
    MSI B75A-G41
    2x GYGABYTE radeon 7850 2GB OC
    Toshiba (hitachi) HDD 3.5 500gb SATA 3 7200RPM 32 MB
    G.skill F3-1600 DDR3 1600 Mhz 2 x 4GB
    Chieftech PSU 750W
    Samsung dvdrw sara 24x int. bulk black.
    Cooler Master HYPER 212 evo
    Windows 7

    And tv is LE40C755
  3. are you using the vga connector(blue) or the hdmi?
    Also what settings are you running the game at?
  4. I use HDMI with golden connectors.
    I use maximum as possible...but it doesnt matter how high or low my setting are, its still the same.
    Only difference is noticeable when i turn my tv brightness max, clear all the dynamic contrast and tones to 0....then the problem is less seen. But the display is then unwatchable.
  5. ummm, i know if contrast is set too high it can turn the bright whites and greys into a pinkish color.

    go download the avs709 calibration disc/usb and start from there.

    scroll down to the mp4 part and download the mp4(.7z), extract the mp4 and burn it to a dvd. most newer bluray players, ps3/360 will play the file.

    watch the video that is on it as the two guys explain what you should be doing to basic calibration.

    also hdtv color is generally set to 15-235 while computer monitors are set to 0-255. 15 or 0 is the blackest black, 235 or 255 is whitest white. to a computer 15 is not fully white and 235 is not fully black so you will see washed out whites and blacks if the color grading scale output to the monitor/hdtv isn't correct.
  6. Its gonna take some time, but ill give it a try.
    But if im calibrating my tv for PC , then should i skip the burning part and play these files directly?
  7. yes, but switch to an input on your television that you will only be using for pc

    there are webpages and other things you can calibrate from a computer input since you have access but the video should work the same
  8. Maybe i didnt do it right, but i didnt help. Same issue remains.
    i forgot to mention it only happens in movement, when the picture is still, there isnt anything.
    I hope you guys have more ideas to resolve this.
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