[Ask] Black region borders in the edge of the screen

So guys, I have this problem.
My PC default resolution is 1920 x 1080, but when I use this resolution the black region borders appear
and I must lower my resolution till 1600 x 900, Can anyone help me?

btw I'm pretty sure I installed the latest driver.
really appreciate your help.
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  1. Friend you for got to add the most important data , what is the graphics card .
  2. What is your pc (specs) and the screen you play it an HDTV?
    Also, how are you connected?
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    Check your graphic card overscan/underscan/scaling option. If you use AMD card, it's under My Digital Flat Panels -> Scaling Option.

    Usually happens when you use HDMI.
  4. I had the same problem when using HDMI connection. Go to control panel and change the resolution.
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  6. yup, look like my scaling option need to be set.. At first I thought my FDMI cable was crap..
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