New video card and Power Supply, but now computer wont boot up outside of safe m

I just installed a amd radeon HD 7770 and new 550 watt antec power supply. Now my computer will not boot up unless i put it into safe mode. In safe mode it works normally but outside of that the computer pauses at "Welcome"

My computer is a GT5449E, the only modificiatinons ive made is add all the memory i could and the modifications mentioned above. The computer was working fine before these instillations. I am currently running on windows 7.

I have tried installing graphics drivers, but i can not do that in safe mode as it tells me the installation fails due to detection problems.

When we installed the new products there was no power connected to the machine (all external wires disconnected). plugged in the graphics card with the 6 pin plug. Installed the graphics card in to the correct slot, and made sure everything was in order. We also vacummed out most of the dust before we installed it.

I will admit i am not the most "tech savy" person but i was hoping that someone may know why my computer can only boot up in safe mode.

Thank you.
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  1. what brand of computer is it..gateway, hp, acer...etc..
    you might have a bad memory module...remove the added sticks and see if that gets a boot...
    I assume you were on onboard graphics...prior to the new card?
  2. it is a gateway computer, and yes I do have an on board graphics card that was on the computer prior to this.

    The memory has been in the computer for over 2 years now and has caused no problems thus far. This problem only arose once i put in the new card and power supply unit.
  3. i think the problem is that my computer is not seeing the video card because when i load it up into safe mode everything works fine but the computer is not recognizing the 7770 in device manager. hope this helps narrow down the solution.
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