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Hi folks, long time lurker first time poster:

I recently purchased a 40" TV, it was very cheap and a brand I'd never heard of, so it wasn't so surprising when I unpacked it to find the stand was damaged (scratches) and there was a small cluster of dead pixels in the lower right corner of the screen.

So that's being picked up soon, and I've since ordered another cheap-o tv, the brand is Finlux, it's a 37" screen which claims to be full 1080p

If I run a movie through the USB interface (on a flash drive) it displays in 1080p, if I run my PC through it on HDMI, it's again 1080p, but the image quality is very poor through this method.

I want to run my pc through it via VGA with separate outputs from the pc for the audio, but for some strange reason, the maximum resolution I can achieve on this TV via VGA is 1360x768

I'm sure this has nothing to do with my graphics card, as I was able to get full 1080 on the 40" tv via VGA, so I'm totally baffled as to why this TV has issues with the same output.

System info:

CPU: intel i5 2500k clocked @ 4.9
Asus P8P67 Deluxe 1155 motherboard
Nvidia GTS 450 (outputs = 2x DVI + 1x mini hdmi)
Windows 8 Pro

I have an adapter from MSI which converts the VGA to DVI, which came with the MSI GTS 450.

This adapter is the only thing I can think is causing a problem, but considering it worked fine on the 40" TV I'm returning, I'm not so sure.

Any help much appreciated!

Edit: Forgot to add model details.

Finlux 37" Full HD TV - 37F501 -
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  1. Try hdmi again, but make sure that all over-/underscanning in nvidia options is switched off / set to zero. 1360x768 is a typical limit for the vga port of TVs.
  2. it depends what resolution ur videocard supports.
  3. i would download the avs709 disc/usb and calibrate the tv and make sure it isn't overscanning itself as well

    scroll down to the mp4 part and download the mp4(.7z), extract the mp4 and burn it to a dvd. most newer bluray players, ps3/360 will play the file.

    if your bluray player doesn't support mp4, then i dont know what to say.
  4. interesting.
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