MSI 660Ti PE/OC vs ASUS HD7950-DC2-3GD5-V2

I'm not here to start any battle between nvidia and amd. My simple question focusing on which one should I buy MSI 660Ti PE/OC vs ASUS HD7950-DC2-3GD5-V2

...over this system:
NZXT Phantom 410
Intel Core i5 3570K
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
HyperX Kingston 8Gb
Acer S231HLbid 23''
Samsung 840 120Gb
Win7 Home

This is going to be a mid-range budget build.
I did research both of them. There are alot of good reviews about MSI 660Ti PE/OC. Its price currently is 312.99$ @ I have owned 580 and 680 which are quite satisfy my demand. Good feature and nice drive interface. Good performance and good cooling as well.
ASUS HD7950-DC2-3GD5-V2 345.99$ @ seems to be really new to me. I cannot find any good-trust review about it. The V2 (version2) was released to offset the previous one. I found the V1 was discontinued on, it must be something wrong with it right?
Bottom line, considering a good-review MSI 660Ti PE/OC over the new ASUS HD7950-DC2-3GD5-V2, what is your choice? will it ok through the whole build above?

1. I'm not going to overclock the GPU
2. ASUS 7950 V2 offers Cry3 and bioshock which can be used or for sale ==> Asus might cheaper than MSI at this point
3. IMO: ASUS HD7950-DC2-3GD5-V2 is so much good looking than MSI 660Ti

Please come and share your ideas as much as you want. Thank you!
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  1. As usual, 7950 gets my vote (plus, it seems like you're leaning towards the 7950 in the first place). Both card will be just fine for that system

    If I may ask, if you've owned a 580 and 680 already, why get a different card?
  2. EzioAs,
    Actually I sold my 580, only owning 680 atm and they are my main build. This build is a gift from me to my friend since her laptop died last month. That's why I said "no overclock" just because the user won't be me :D.
    If I go for 7950, this will be the first time I've ever use Radeon in my life. I hope it's going to be fine.
    Btw, do you know anything about ASUS HD7950-DC2T the first version. Why would they remove it from the store?
  3. Because it is faulty. The V1 cooler (not the v2 you selected), was basically stripped exactly from the 6950, and put onto the 7950. Bad placement resulted in bad contact with the gpu, and the weight of the cooler actually sort of moving away from the GPU. Asus took their time (And surprisingly actually rejected ALL RMA's regarding this issue), and finally fixed it with a v2 version. It can be fixed with washers (Mine V1 is).
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    Just decide if you are going to play any PhysX games, and if so, get the MSI 660 Ti. If not, flip a coin.
  5. JJ1217,
    So the V2 probly better than the V1. And about MSI 660Ti vs ASUS 7950, what do you think?
  6. 7950 is better, and i would get this one

    I personally think msi tf3's are the best desinged cards, but gigabyte windforce 3's would be my next choice.

    Plus the 3gb of 384bit vram is going to hold up better in the long run and down the road will have a higher resale value.
  7. nikoli707,
    Such a nice card, I would love consider it in my shopping card. But ASUS design just so amazing IMO. I really doubt about ASUS's quality this time since V1 has failed, now V2 with no review at all. Thank you for your input.
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