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New AMD 6970 keeps shutting off my friends alienware

Well my friend wanted to upgrade his Alienware m15x laptop so that way he could finally be able to play some of the new games he got off steam. I told him it would be a very frustrating process and that he should just build a new Comp but he insisted on just wanting to upgrade his GPU. Well he did and now whenever he turns on the Alienware and starts playing a game like far cry 3, it will all of a sudden shut off after playing the game for a few minutes. We thought it was due to the fact that his adapter wasn't good enough so he got a new one, that didn't work. So i told him to download a tool that will show how much heat the GPU is generating, but he can't seem to give me a straight answer so now i'm planning on going to his house so i can figure out what's wrong with it. Before i go could anyone shed some light on this problem so that way i'll have an idea of what's wrong ? He bought an HD 6970m.
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  1. how did he upgrade the gpu in the laptop with out upgrading the whole board its self... is he using something like a external pci express adaptor .. ? sounds like a power draw issue or overheating.
  2. is he shur its a 100% compatible. and also did he install it right. also might be incompatible or overheating.
  3. @goodguy713 I don't know, i didn't even think it was possible to upgrade his Alienware laptop but he did, now he's having alot of issues. When he gets off work i'm gonna have to ask him for the full specs. All i know is that he has an i7 turbo with 6gb of RAM, his old GPU was a GTX 260. I have been on to him about the heating, he said he doesn't really know what he's reading so i'm gonna have to look at it for him.

    @iceclock I'm sure it's compatible, he was getting help from some tech review guys online, they were the ones that sold him the graphics card. I believe he bought from them through ebay. Also i'm 90% sure that it's an overheating issue. The other 10% is that it might be that he installed it wrong. But i don't know how that would happen since he used a step by step video to help him install it.
  4. If it's shutting off it would likely be a power or heating issue, TS.
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    sounds like a heat issue.
  6. i found this googling looks like it has a lot of trouble in the nit and you need modded drives and some card have fan controls and some don't. so it might be a heat issue
  7. Well he sent me a picture of his temps. right now he has an overall temperature of his airflow is about 37 degrees idle. And his GPU is about 50 degrees on idle. overall temperature for the laptop would be about 45 degrees idle. I told him to play farcry 3 and keep the temp reader going so that way he can see if their is a temperature spike. Hopefully we can get some results.
  8. sounds good.
  9. Ok i found the issue, it was a heating problem. His graphics card was going over 90 degrees when i started up farcry 3. So now the problem is how can this heating issue be solved ? i'm not a laptop expert. I'm a desktop person so i'm not exactly sure what i need and what parts are required to lower the temperature of his Alienware laptop. Anybody have any suggestions ?
  10. you can get it serviced and installed a faster rpm per second fan. also a laptop cooler would work. also going in ati driver panel and increasing fanspeed would help
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  12. turn the fanspeed up
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